Appreciating the preciousness of life can bring profound meaning and fulfilment to our daily experiences.

In SOUL CARDS FROM THE EDGE we explore invitations that can enhance our capacity to live and love more fully. We consider how to embrace uncertainty, and live with more joy, peace, and acceptance.

“An invitation is a request to participate in or attend a particular event. The event is your life … this is an invitation for you to be fully present for every aspect of it.” ~ Frank Ostaseski

SOUL CARDS FROM THE EDGE is an invitation to 

  • Intuit the messages from your soul through art-making and reflective writing
  • create a collection of your own soul’s wisdom cards
  • learn from the shared stories of fellow soul-seekers 
  • draw strength from within to thrive in uncertain times
  • deepen your connection to your soul’s guidance

This eight-week course is inspired by the beautiful writings of Frank Ostaseski on the five invitations to living fully. We will create in an array of mediums (dyes, acrylic paint, rubbings, print-making, and mixed-media collage), culminating in the crafting of a number of Soul Cards – initiating your personalised deck of cards

The processes are exploratory, unplanned, intuitive, and revelatory in self-discovery and self-expression.

No art experience necessary.

Book your seat: gail@gailschoeman.com

SOUL CARDS FROM THE EDGE is built on the foundation of ASTAR principles (Awakening Spirit Through Art) and the concept of Soul Collage developed by Seena B. Frost.

“Wonderful art classes for all. Gail links art-making to building health and thriving in the brave new world.” KW

“I love the visualisations, the variety of creative expression that is involved, and how the guided journaling ties everything together.” KB

“Every course with Gail is a joy and a respite.” FM

“Gail and HeartArt have brought me beautiful inner stillness, balance, peace and rich perspective; not to mention the joy of creating without judgment.” LP

“I didn’t believe I had a creative bone in my body and now I know that it’s not about what your work looks like, the creativity is actually in your soul. Heart Art has opened my world. It’s taught me that there is so much more to how we can express our emotions as well as undercover what is going on. It’s soul awakening.” SH