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June 1, 2024

Life presents us with moments of opportunity - things that our wildish part instinctively says YES! to.

The question is, are you paying attention to your YES’es? The tiger of your desire, your heart’s intention, your life’s dream may be closer than you think, crouching low in the grass, ready to leap.

Let’s reacquaint ourselves with the baseline of our happiness and build from there: what has meaning and significance in your life, what gives you drive and purpose, what are your desires and your delights?

We explore these questions through writing, visualisation and intuitive art-making.


“Thank you for holding the space so beautifully. This has facilitated me in going much deeper and waking up to myself more. A wonderful opportunity to come home to yourself in a very supportive environment whilst having fun, playing and creating.” Anel

“A beautifully insightful time to take stock of where one is at on so many levels, and chart a way forward through creative practices. I feel nourished.” Cam

“This playshop was gentle, loving, safe, healing and restorative.” Leigh

Saturday 1 June 2024 (2pm - 5:30pm)
Heart Art Space, Rondebosch
R590 p/person
Bookings: • 083 272 3421

Creative Playshops provide you with a new way of seeing what's going on in your life right now. By mindfully paying attention to our thoughts and feelings, we express through intuitive art-making. We create without planning, enabling us to step into something new and unknown - in the studio and in life.

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