To work with a creative spirit means you must be willing to relax your judgements, rely on inklings, follow your hunches, sit in creative tension, leap into the unpredictable!


Heart Art classes take place in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, specifically Rondebosch and Noordhoek. Courses follow the four school terms in a year, consisting of 8 – 10 weekly classes. Each course focusses on a specific life-oriented theme.

2020 Dates:

Term 1 (8 weeks) week of 27 January – week of 16 March
Term 2 (9 weeks) week of 13 April – week of 8 June
Term 3 (10 weeks) week of 13 July – week of 14 September
Term 4 (9 weeks) week of 5 October – week of 30 November

Days & Times:

Wednesday mornings (9:15am – 12:15pm) Rondebosch
Thursday evenings (6:15pm – 9:15pm) Rondebosch
Friday mornings (9:15am – 12:15pm) Noordhoek


Workshops are offered as once-off Creative Playshops, Team Building experiences, Couples’ Workshops, Celebratory Events and collaborative experiences.

Depending on the nature of the workshop a range of practically applied tools such as art making, creative writing and story-telling, sound and movement are utilised to develop creativity, flexibility, authenticity, and non-judgement.


Spending an extended period of time away from life’s general routine and demand, opens an opportunity for introspection and recalibration.

Attendees are invited to immerse into gentle practices of movement and meditation, intuitive artmaking and writing, and plenty of time to rest, to go for a long leisurely walks, or doze under the trees.

“An extremely well-designed process with surprises that opened up new things for me. I heard things in a new way. A new creativity was stimulated – a greater internal opening to flow. I loved the words you used, your prompting, guidance and holding … Really really special.”

Patty / Creative Playshop 2018