The single most important factor of health and well-being is that we make something creative from our existence.

Deepak Chopra

Heart Art utilises art-making to access your intuitive wisdom and nourish your creative spirit. It is a wholistic practice in mindfulness, fostering wellness in body, mind, heart and spirit.

Celebrate your CREATIVE SPIRIT

Our visual imagery can be deeply rich and vastly more expansive than words. Connecting to your personal symbols, textures and colours opens pathways to your innate creative spirit, waiting to shine its light out into the world.

EXPRESS from your heart

Heart Art provides a non-judgemental space where the creative process is honoured and authentic expression is encouraged. Process inner challenges and discover aspects of yourself you may not be aware of.

Activate RIGHT-BRAIN thinking

Shift old patterns of thought and behaviour through innovative creative techniques. Learn to see things from different perspectives, opening yourself to new possibilities, ideas and options.


Mindfulness techniques are practiced in the studio as your art-making gives visual expression to your inner landscape. Develop a deeper relationship with yourself by mindfully paying attention to your thoughts, emotions and sensations.

I am humbled and amazed at how our inner wisdom speaks to us through our art. It’s there all the time but without giving ourselves permission to be quiet and listen, it’s almost impossible to hear.


Exploration and DISCOVERY

Explore many media and aspects of art-making. Experience a variety of inspiration methods and reflection processes. Learn to turn mistakes into opportunities.

PROCESS versus Product

Heart Art requires absolutely no acknowledged artistic ability or experience. The creative process is the focus, not the product. The creative process engages body, mind and emotion through tangible art-making materials to bring about something new. Something as yet unseen and unknown emerges, with no planned outcomes or expectations in mind.

Creating from BEGINNER’S MIND

In the practice of creating without planning, we are able to step into something new and unknown. Here the opportunity lies to create something free, unbound and wholly unique. We learn that we can still surprise ourselves.

A practice in NON-JUDGEMENT

When we flow in creative process, we shift out of our ordinary state of consciousness. Our minds relax & expand, intuition is heightened and our hearts open. We forget ourselves and our restrictive beliefs. Creating from a platform of non-judgement is a valuable practice to master in life.

I feel lighter after each class. I let my creativity come out without worrying so much about the result … it helps me to be more forgiving and less judgemental with myself and others


I always loved being creative when I was younger but it got swept under the carpet by all of life’s busyness. And maybe more pertinently, my fear of failing at it, my perfectionism, has been a barrier to getting involved again. Heart Art feels very natural to me and is extremely fulfilling. It has affected my life. It’s opened up a door that I had closed.


Gail, once again you have taken me to new heights, new beginnings and new possibilities – all while safely holding me in the here and now. Your guidance, love and energy is what allows me to take that leap into both an artistic and spiritual journey. Thank You.



Wednesdays             9:15am – Rondebosch

Thursdays                 6:15pm – Rondebosch

Fridays                       9:15am – Noordhoek

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