Online Offerings

Heart Art offers opportunities to explore life themes in a gentle and unique way. Through guided intuitive art-making and reflection processes, you are provided the space to express, reflect, reframe, transform, and heal. Engage with your personal creativity to deepen your relationship with self and find creative solutions in life. Art is your catalyst for personal growth.

The following courses are available online:


RIPPLE explores the ripple effects in our lives. Each session provides a pebble of inspiration such as your lineage and the ripples that have travelled down your ancestral lines; the ripple effect of significant people and events in your life; and the space you occupy now, casting your ripples into the world.

Seven guided creative processes.

South African participants: R1100
International participants: $80 USD

Everything we have experienced influences what follows, everything we do has an effect on someone or something else… even when we don’t know it.

Each of the seven processes includes a life-oriented theme, meditation, inspiration, intuitive art-making guidance and demo videos, music playlists and reflective writing exercises.

ReWilding is a remembering of who we are at a deep innate level. It is an honouring of our authentic nature, a relinquishing of the need to tame or box, allowing nature to find her true path again.

Seven guided creative processes.

South African participants: R1100
International participants: $80 USD

Story, poetry, visualisation, meditation, music and imagery introduce us to pertinent ReWilding themes such as:

Embracing change / Dealing with heartache / Mistakes as new opportunities
Trusting our instinct / Shedding what no longer serves us / Clarifying our purpose

These themes are woven into meditations and visualisations which are the springboard for your art-making.

WILDISH presents a path to guide you into deep inner knowing. It is an invitation to return to your instinctual, wildish nature. Story, poetry, music, and art provide opportunity to tap into the Wildish parts of ourselves, to see and be in the world differently.

Seven guided creative processes.

South African participants: R1100
International participants: $80 USD

We give voice and expression to what is triggered in us through art-making, where we bypass the thinking mind – steering around the parts of us that want to control, censor or criticise.

Creating at a spontaneous, intuitive level creates pathways to our unconscious, to our inner wisdom.

Every story, every poem, every piece of music, every piece of art is an opportunity to inspire, and move us, leading to love and learning of our Wildish ways. 

THE SEVEN RIGHTS influence what you experience in life. They shape the way you think, act and interact. They guide your ability to manifest and co-create with the world around you.

Seven guided creative processes.

South African participants: R980
International participants: $70 USD

As human beings we are born with and grow into a set of fundamental rights: The right to be here and to have. The right to feel and want. The right to act. The right to love and be loved. The right to speak and be heard. The right to see. The right to know

Each of these rights are physiologically held in the body in the seven energy centres of the chakras. THE SEVEN RIGHTS focuses on examining and cultivating a relationship with each right, through meditation and visualisation, movement and writing, colour energy and intuitive art making.

Explore your unique relationship with each of these rights, to feel: Grounded. Motivated. Vital. Balanced. Creative. Intuitive. Connected.

FLOW  Just as a river is in constant flow and forever changing, so too are we. Impermanence is the nature of the human condition. Our practice is to exercise the art of receptivity: moving with the currents.

Six guided creative processes.

South African participants: R850
International participants: $60 USD

Flow provides an opportunity to acknowledge life’s unpredictabilities and embrace the wisdom of ‘going with the flow’. Through guided art-making processes we exercise acceptance, not judging, not knowing, being in the present moment, listening intuitively and applying what we discover in our art, to our life.

Flow invites you to dive into the waters of spontaneity and unknowing. Learning to trust the process and find intuitive solutions in art-making encourages the same attitude in life. 


You are being presented with two choices: REPEAT or EVOLVE.

Six guided creative processes.

South African participants: R850
International participants: $60 USD

Now more than ever we are being gifted the opportunity to change things up. Who knows if life will ever go back to what we once knew as ‘normal’. Like it or not, we’re being forced to get creative: creative with our time, our space, our relationships, our work. We’re having to face the big questions of what is really important, and what truly matters.

What does it mean to Evolve? In this context, evolution is the revitalising of spirit, soul, heart, body, mind. It is the defining of what brings joy and taking steps to follow joy’s path.

EVOLVE is inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear

Explore the essential ingredients of creative living: COURAGE, ENCHANTMENT, PERMISSION, PERSISTENCE and TRUTH.


SOUL PILGRIM is a five-part pilgrimage in accepting change and learning to thrive in uncertain times.

Five guided creative processes.

South African participants: R750
Foreign participants: $55 USD

Here is a tale that’s told in the making. It is about a journey that no other but you can undertake. It begins with a palpable knowing that things have changed. Now is the time to leave the comfort of how things were and set your sights on unfamiliar waters. There is no preparation, no bag to pack, no skill to acquire. What you don’t yet realise is that you have all the knowledge and ability needed to make this unknown crossing.

Through guided visualisation, process art and creative writing, we freeze-frame five junctures along the journey, exploring our soul’s pilgrimage. The Soul Pilgrim’s five junctures are: The Siren Song – exploring change. Setting Sail – feeling & reorienting. On Open Waters – self-connection. A New Shore – grounding your body. A Welcome Encounter – meeting self.



A one-off guided creative process.

South African participants: R280
Foreign participants: $22 USD

What does Presence mean to you? What does it feel like? How do you access it?

Being present-centred enables your nervous system to calm, your mind to clear, your body to relax, your heart to soften. In this intuitive process we access the voice of our personal presence, gleaning insight and guidance, to help navigate us through our days.

“I loved this process! The visualisation was so helpful to get a felt sense of Presence. I really enjoyed the self directed art making and found myself trusting what was seeking to be created. The reflection questions were so validating in what my heart and body needed to hear … A beautiful invitation and reminder of the incredible benefits of Presence.” Kim


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