Aware, Awake, Alive!

I want to stir my heart and the heart’s of others.

I want to provide opportunities where we can feel enlivened and empowered through authentic self-expression. As I step through life I want to do it consciously… feeling Aware, Awake and Alive:

AWARE of my needs: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual
AWAKE to my thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions
Feeling fully ALIVE in life, with grace and gratitude, feeling seen, heard and valued.

I invite you to walk, hop, skip or a jig with me.

Offerings include:

  • Heart Art Courses
  • Nia Dance Classes
  • Creative & Movement Playshops
  • Retreats
  • Corporate Team Experiences
  • Outreach Workshops
  • Collaborative experiences

My Story

I found myself, many years after qualifying in Graphic Design, working in the private tertiary education sector in Cape Town. Not teaching Design, I hung on the peripheries, selling the idea of studying creativity whilst quietly living the life of a closet artist.

To quench my creative thirst I became a night student of the ASTAR process (Awakening Spirit Through Art) and soon developed a deep love affair for this powerful inner-processing art-making balm. It felt inevitable that I would teach this to others, and after completing the facilitator training in 2009, I skipped away from the office environment and into the art studio! Expanding my facilitation practice with the ASTAR methodology as my foundation, I created Heart Art. My second baby.

Baby number One had been birthed seven years earlier. Her name, Nia. Not one who finds joy in the sweatpits of gyms, Nia presented herself as my preferred means of exercising: great music, simple steps, fun and laughter, free dance and power. New to South Africa in 2003, Nia classes were few and far between. So, putting on my Big Girl Panties, I undertook the personally profound White Belt Instructor training. I learnt that Nia was so much more than a cardiovascular workout; it has a depth and reverence for living a wonderful, rich, deep, complicated, joyous life! Twenty years on, Nia remains my ‘happy pill’ – no matter what, Nia enables my soul to soar – and I strive to share this with others…

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