Hello and welcome to The Seven Rights, a seven-part online Heart Art creative immersion. To give you a sense of how much time to dedicate to each session, below is an approximate roll-out of the session’s components:

Introduction [10 mins] – introducing the Right
Art-making Demonstration [10 mins] – what materials and techniques to use

Guided Visualisation [10 mins] – a meditation practice
Art-Making [1 – 2 hrs] – intuitive and spontaneous
Reflection [20 mins] – a writing exercise to bring everything together

Rights at a glance

We are about to embark on an immersion process, I invite you to go ALL OUT! with this…

Each session focusses on a particular colour. We will be making art in JUST THAT COLOUR and its spectrum of shades and tones.

If possible, WEAR THE COLOUR whilst in the art-making, and possibly for the days/week that you are focusing on that particular Right.

Each Right is associated to an ELEMENT. See if you can bring that element into your environment (e.g. Fire: light candles).

Each chakra is associated with SPECIFIC FRAGRANCES. See if you can include smells that correlate to the Right.


CLICK HERE FOR THE Art Materials List. Watch the video below for an explanation of the materials.

NOTE: Please give yourself creative license and flexibility here. If you do not wish to purchase many art materials, use what you have at home: printing paper, makeup, fabrics, recyclable goods … BEETROOT and TURMERIC make great colours to paint with! i.e. adapt the materials to fit your means.


PLANNING for Heart Art At Home is crucial. Commit to a length of time where you can be 100% present to meet yourself in the creative process. Block off a few hours. Avoid distractions. Make sure your cellphone is switched off and others know not to disturb you.


The aim of the creative process is to relinquish ALL expectation of what your art piece “should” look like. Let go of preciousness – allow yourself to be messy. You may end up creating abstract art – squiggles, lines, smudges, with no distinguishable features at all – that’s okay. Take risks, be daring, let yourself sit in the space of discomfort as you create. Feel your feelings and allow your feelings to be expressed through the act of art making.


Judgement stifles creativity – try not to judge yourself during the creative process. Remember there is no right or wrong way to make art. There are also no mistakes in art. Every mistake is an opportunity to do something in a new way, different from anything you ever thought of before. Be open to all possibilities, have fun, play and enjoy yourself.


You may hit a speed bump along the way, or need help in dealing with self-judgement. Perhaps you have a logistics question or something you need clarification on. Please contact me directly, via WhatsApp or email

“Identity is a constantly changing and expanding manifestation of spirit.”

Anodea Judith / Eastern Body Western Mind