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July 26, 2024

Heart Dance is a movement experience to stir the body, the heart and the spirit. It melds meditation and free-dance in a fun and whole-hearted way.


Heart Dance is a meld of multi-genre music and simple guidelines. The session begins and ends in gentle movement meditation, calming the nervous system, easing you out of your week and into free expressive dance.


Support a healthy and happy lifestyle by engaging your senses, listening to your body, and expressing yourself through fabulous tunes in a beautiful space with like-minded people.


“Heart Dance is both a deeply relaxing wind-down at the end of the week and a vigorous, energising time for joyful, unselfconscious connection with others and letting go. I am left feeling centred and joyful. #Never regret a dance!” Margot

“At Heart Dance everything else fades away and all that remains is the beautiful space, the communal energy, the rhythm of the music, and the way my body responds. I am totally immersed in my dance and my experience of movement in that moment.” Amy

“Thank goodness for people like Gail who create the space and opportunity for me to dance and laugh and shake off the tensions of the week! Heart Dance puts me back in touch with my playful, sassy self after the responsibilities and routines of life shove her into the background. Heart Dance is like CPR for my spirit.” Jolina


When: One Friday of each month See EVENTS for upcoming dates.
Time: 6pm - 7:15pm
Where: Path To Health Centre, Constantia
Cost: R120 p/person
Bookings: gail@gailschoeman.com

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