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When did you stop being enchanted by stories? In particular, your own story? Angeles Arrien

This is a course of tellings. It shares tales of four archetypes, The Warrior, The Healer, The Visionary, and The Teacher – exemplars who can guide us back to our true knowing and set our inner life in motion. Through the hearing of story, doors open to questions such as:

THE WARRIOR: How do I show up in the world?
THE HEALER: Can I love with an open heart?
THE VISIONARY: Am I speaking my truth?
THE TEACHER: Can I trust to let go?

We will then write our own story, pulling from imagery, experience and memory, and breathing it into life through mixed-media art making: collage, painting and more (PS. no art experience required).

Classes take place at the beautiful Path To Health studio in Constantia.

Friday mornings (9:30am – 12:30pm)
14 October – 9 December (no class on 28 Oct & 11 Nov)
Investment: R3,080



“I have been wanting to combine “story and art” for many years now, but could never quite get it right. There was always a missing link somewhere, and the true story, with deep feelings, and intuitive magic never quite emerged. But WOW, this course has certainly showed me the way! It’s been such a soulful digging, delving deep, through art and words, and finding the unexpected hidden treasures! Quite incredible how it all works if one is open to the process! Thank you again and again Gail.” ~ Barbi

“I have been through some stuff – we all have, right? Raising children, staying married, surviving cancer, and now attempting to enter the last quarter of my life with grace and with purpose.

The ‘Your Story’ concept immediately resonated. To find a space in which I could reflect on what has gone, where I am right now, and what is still to come – what might such a process hold for me? What gems might be revealed?

Each week begins with a beautiful reading – setting the tone for the session. Next, we learn an art-making process (don’t worry, it’s all really easy), and then settle into a deepening meditation followed by a little writing. Warrior, Healer, Visionary and Teacher – these archetypes described by Angeles Arrien have been our compass each week, guiding us to inner places for which there is no map.

My ‘art’ has sometimes been exhilarating and sometimes sluggish, but no matter the result, the process has allowed me to make meaning on aspects of my life to this point. Each week I have come home and shown my art to my family with joy and happiness. To them it may seem less than amazing, but to me I can hear my inner voice singing with the thrill of being given voice and light.

I have loved being part of this circle of meaning-making and art-making held so gently and beautifully by Gail.” ~ Alison

“Your Story was a profoundly creative and meditative process for me. The tranquil art making was unequivocal because it was so spontaneous and freeing being able to let go without judgement. Taking the hero’s journey through Your Story has given me a fresh, updated self-view. Thank you for the beautiful poetry, stunning meditative music, reflective prose and writing but most of all the guided art that is so utterly engaging and healing. Deeply grateful.” Caroline

“I’m always surprised at what ‘pops up’ for me from an art class with Gail. My Story was no exception. My heart softened into the deep and the art allowed My Story to flow from it’s well.” ~ Catherine

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