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The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to Stop! baton down the hatches, and stay indoors. For those of us unable to leave our homes we are given an opportunity to immerse into creative projects, do some self-reflecting, reconnect to waylaid interests, and try new things.

Like many of us, my work has come to an abrupt halt – no more teaching, facilitating and interacting with people in my Heart Art space or on the Nia dance floor. But we’re fighters right? We are adaptable beings. If something is important to us, we find a way to keep it alive.

Nia I can keep flowing through me by continuing to dance in my home; through various colleagues offering Zoom classes; and through Nia TV (check out their 30 day free membership).

The Lock Down Project (LDP) is my way to keep my Heart Art going. For three weeks I am offering a weekly art undertaking. I’ll provide a weekly inspiration that will enable you to jump into making a piece of art – whether that’s a magazine collage, a doodle, a mixed-media piece or a painting – that is up to you. I’ll provide a recorded guided meditation, as well as some writing prompts for you to reflect on after your art-making. NOTE: you do not have to be creatively confident or consider yourself an artist in order to participate – this is designed for anyone keen to activate their creativity and do some self-reflecting.


The three weekly inspirations are based on the three Good Life Buckets, namely Contribution, Connection and Vitality. This framework was created by Jonathan Fields, author of How to Live a Good Life.

One of my many teachers is Deepak Chopra – I’m gaining such benefit from his teachings and meditations. Click here for the amazing free offer of a 21 day meditation experience with Oprah Winfrey.

The real juiciness of the Heart Art process comes in the reflection writing done once the art-making is complete. How do you get good answers? By asking great questions. The questions that Seena B Frost devised in her creation of SoulCollage are so beautifully crafted. I have included her questions as part of the Reflection component in my weekly projects. Click here for more information on SoulCollage.

The platform we’ll use to chat and share creative work is my Facebook group Heart Art. You’ll find this on my FB page Gail Schoeman – Heart in Motion.

If you would like to participate in the Lock Down Project and have not as yet signed up to be part of the group, contact me:

Click here to jump into the REFLECTION EXERCISE of LDP’s Week #1: Vitality.